On locusvectormaps.com you can download free vector maps compatible with Locus Map, Orux Maps and c:geo for Android. These maps are converted on a monthly basis out of OpenStreetMap data. All files are licensed under the Open Database License 1.0.

Missing a country or region?
Because the transformation is quite slow, we do not convert every available region out there. But, just contact and tell me, which region you are missing and I will add it to the process and it should be there within a week.

Your help - um, well, money - wanted!

This project started as a free time project and it should stay like this. But the demand for vector maps seems to be quite high and a lot of you and me are really unhappy with the one click hoster. Unfortunately I don't have time to improve the site within my free time (children, hobbies, bla bla...). Luckily I'm a self employed web developer since about two years. So I thought, maybe it would be possible to get enough funding to just charge myself for improving this website. (Just a site notice. The ad you see brings essentially nothing. Mostly about 10 EURO/ month which even not covers support requests I get. Also using a one click hoster brought me about 25$ total in the last 3 or 4 years.).

What will happen with your money?

  • I want to migrate the site to a direct download method. A lot of work and tries is already done, but I still need a couple of hours to finish the system. This is especially much better for mobile usage.
  • I really want to buy a new converting system. Currently everything is done on a very old Dell Optiplex 755, with about 8GB RAM and an 5 year old SSD. Larger maps are really slow (10+ hours) and some maps aren't working at all (very large maps with large areas, i.e. parts of Russia).
  • A lot of funding: With enough money I would like to migrate to a better web software and maybe start offering some kind of low cost premium account (ideas: 12$/year, RSS feeds for newer maps, faster download speed)
Where can you send money?
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