On locusvectormaps.com you can download free vector maps compatible with Locus Map, Orux Maps and c:geo for Android. These maps are converted on a monthly basis out of OpenStreetMap data. All files are licensed under the Open Database License 1.0.

Missing a country or region?
Because the transformation is quite slow, we do not convert every available region out there. But, just contact and tell me, which region you are missing and I will add it to the process and it should be there within a week.


Easy. I found it hard to find current vector maps for Locus. Also I wanted to try out something new (converting OSM data to compatible maps for Locus).

Technical Details


The website is developed using PHP in IntelliJ Idea. Kohana is used as the basic framework. Other useful tools are:


Converting the maps

All the converting process is running on my home NAS server and is written as bash script.


Another Jenkins job regularly extracts the available files from UploadHero using a Ruby script and synchronizes them using rsync with the webhost.